The starting point for my artistic work in the public space lies in the character of the place and its users. The human approach and the individual’s encounter with the place is of central importance to me. I want to create an enhanced experience for visitors in relation to the site’s original expression and activities. Regardless of the visitors’ background, I want to take advantage of every individual’s curiosity and discovery desire and inspire them in their everyday lives. I strive for qualities in the works that make you want to return to discover more. My works can be place-creating and have an orientation function, both in the small and in the large context. The idea born in the meeting with the site governs material choice and technology. Manufacturing is often done in collaboration with subcontractors and consultants. Sustainability over time and safety, with a minimum of maintenance is self-evident. I am used to, and have good experiences with, working in a group of architects, contractors, users and artists.

CV Jan Stenberg

Born 1964. Lives and work in Stockholm

Public art projects

2022 Invited to competition after prequalification (ITCAP). Art for facade of new gymnasium, Tomtaklintområdet, Trosa. w Guangjuan Zhang (GZ)

2022 ITCAP. Art for facade of new gymansium, Hagavikskolan, w GZ

2022 ITCAP. Glimpses from the Matrix, Kalmar Ishall, w GZ

2021 ITCAP Axevalla Hästcentrum, Skara, w GZ

2020 ITCAP Fireflowers, Railway bridge, Härnösand w Guangjuan Zhang GZ

2019 ITCAP. Dufvegården’s elderly living, Katrineholm, w GZ

2019 Invited by pre-selection. Crystals, Facade Sports Hall Vallentuna, w GZ

2018 ITCAP. Kalmar County Courthouse, w Guangjuan Zhang GZ

2018 ITCAP. Parking house and cargo lot. at the University Hospital in Örebro

2017 ITCAP. Entrances new library and sports hall, Stora Skedvi, w GZ

2017 ITCAP. Art for Risholmen’s elderly residence, Falun, w GZ

2017 Invited by pre-selection. Facade Sports Hall Vallentuna, w GZ

2016 ITCAP. Bird, fish and everything in between, Källdals school in Uddevalla, w GZ

2016 ITCAP. New psychiatric hospital at Norrland University Hospital in Umeå, w Thomas Nordström (TN)

2016 ITCAP. Bergsåkers school, Umeå w GZ

2016 ITCAP. Public art at the Slottsholmen, Västervik w GZ

2015 Won open competition. The Crown of Svartån, Ydre rondelle, Tranås

2015 ITCAP. Flow and Fingertoppar, Kungsbacka, Kollaskolan, Idrottshallen, w GZ

2015 ITCAP. Rosenfredsskolan, Varberg, w GZ

2015 ITCAP. Snapshots of nature, New Lundbygården’s elderly residence, Lerum, w GZ

2014 ITCAP. New school and library in Vännäs, w GZ

2014 ITCAP. Moon Phases and Sunrise, Falu Hospital

2013 ITCAP. Artistic design The Central Hospital in Karlstad

2013 ITCAP. Scapes and landscapes, facades for new parking garage Strömsö, Drammen, w Thomas Nordström (TN) and Christian Sandell (CS)

2012 ITCAP, Aqurama sports and fitness center Kristianssand, Norway, w GZ

2012 ITCAP. Artistic design Spongdal School, Trondheim, w GZ

2012 ITCAP. Artistic Design City Library, Gothenburg, w GZ

2011 ITCAP. New bus station Stråket, Umeå, w GZ

2011 Invited. Silverstigen Fruängsskolan, Stockholm, Stockholm Arts Council

2011 Invited. Life at the Moarés. The Harbor / Strandpromenaden neighborhood, Riksbyggen, Stockholm

2010 ITCAP. SL, Metro station Hässelby Gård, Stockholm

2010 ITCAP. Foliage Västmanlands Läns Landsting w TN

2010 ITCAP. Memorial monument to Theodor Dahl, Köping w CS

2010 ITCAP. New cultural center Malmön, Buen Mandal, Norway w TN

2010 ITCAP. Art for a new police station in Edmonton, Canada w Annika Oskarsson (AO) & TN

2009 ITCAP. Art along the way, Limerick Ireland w AO & TN

2009 ITCAP. Union Scene, Drammen, Norway w Trude Westby Nordmark (TWN)

2009 ITCAP. Campus Grimstad, Grimstad, Norway, w TWN

2008 ITCAP. Wish you where here! Part I & II Rådalen Youth School, Bergen, Norway

2007 Invited. Swedish Waters. Stockholm County Council, Rosenlund Hospital, Stockholm

2007 Invited. Technical Museum in Stockholm, sketch for new park w TN

2007 ITCAP. Thor Heyerdahl High School, Larvik, Norway w TN

2006 Won open competition. Traces of time and light, Åbågen, Arboga w TN & illustrator Rose Marie Andersson

2006 ITCAP. Flow Grevlingen Culture and Sports Center, Vestby, Norway w TN

2005 ITCAP. Tactile topography Vision Center, Sabbatsberg Hospital, Stockholm

2003 Sketch assignment, Stockholm local traffic, Norsborg metro station

2000 ITCAP. Butterfly wings, auditorium wall, Traffic Controll Tower, Arlanda Airport, Stockholm

Group exhibitions

2007 from Heiner to Müller, Labor K1, Berlin

2004 High Pressure Gallery ID: In Stockholm

2003 Club Gallery Poitier, Poitier, France

2002 Club Gallery Beaconside, London

2001 Construction Ceramics, Arts and Crafts Center, Stockholm

2000 The Stockholm Artist House

1999-00 Construction Ceramics, Travelling Exhibition, Swedish Arts Council


2011-12 Royal School of Art, project student Interactive techniques,

2004-05 Royal Institute of Technology, Light and Design

1994-99 University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Ceramics and Glass

1993 Nyckelvik school, Ceramics